Founded in 2000, Selective Search is North America’s leading luxury matchmaking firm, where executive recruiting meets personal matchmaking. Our staff of seasoned professionals uses Fortune 500 executive recruitment techniques to help commitment-minded men and women in metropolitan areas and more remote locales find the love of their lives. Through our proven Meet Your Future process, we filter potential candidates, handpicking candidates who best meet your exact criteria. And most importantly, it works. Eighty-seven percent of our Clients find love.

Dedicated Professionals

The Selective Search staff is comprised of experienced Matchmakers, researchers, Scouts and other professionals in all aspects of the business who are collectively dedicated to helping our Clients find the right partner.

Proven Process

Modeled after traditional executive recruitment methodologies, Selective Search uses our proprietary Meet Your Future process to ensure we do not waste any time in getting to know you, as well as identifying the most qualified matches, based on your exact criteria.

Commitment-Minded Outcomes

Selective Search is not a dating service, dating app, or solution for someone seeking short-term results. Our objective is to help our Clients find a partner to build a lifelong committed monogamous relationship with. The Company is responsible for making the introductions that have led to almost 4,000 happy couples and 500 children to date.

Discreet Approach

Selective Search works with individuals who value their time, reputation, personal privacy and finances. We understand and respect the role a matchmaking firm should play — behind the scenes. Confidentiality is a foundational component of our process. The Company conducts a Personal Certification process, and all prospective candidates for a Client are personally interviewed by a Matchmaker or a member of our research team. No Client’s information is shared with potential candidates without the Client’s explicit permission.

Invaluable Investment

Love is one of the most important aspects of your life. We want you to invest in a lifetime of happiness. Our pricing is customized based on the specific needs of each Client and consider the complexity of the search. Our Clients have found our pricing to be inconsequential compared to the value of finding love. After all, we believe cost is a function of results. As a Client of Selective Search, you can expect confidential professionalism at every step in the process, and results that will last a lifetime. After all, love is the only thing, worth everything.

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