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With the highest success rate in the matchmaking industry, Selective Search can help you find the woman you’ve been looking for.

Our goal is to connect you with the love of your life, while you’re busy living your life. Our success rate, the highest in the matchmaking industry, is the result of our proprietary Meet Your Future process and extraordinary team. Each Client is supported by a team of seasoned professionals, including Matchmakers and researchers.

The Meet Your Future process combines executive recruiting methodologies and advanced search algorithms with matchmaking intuition to create a holistic approach to each relationship search.

Selective Search is dedicated to helping sophisticated professionals build a long-term relationship with a loving partner. No apps. No online dating profiles. Just strategic dating.


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I can say without any reservation that my decision to use Selective Search was the best decision in my life. I met the most caring, genuine, honest, beautiful and talented woman. She was exactly what I was searching for. I would have NEVER met such a woman on my own! I am so fortunate to have Donna in my life, and can never thank Selective Search enough for making that happen.
— Bill, Massachusetts

Our Matchmaking Process

You’ll be assigned a team of matchmakers and researchers who will guide you through our Meet Your Future Process.


First, we get to know about you through in-person assessments and interviews. These will help us understand what type of partner and relationship dynamic will suit you best. We begin to learn from your personal history what your deal-breakers, preferences, and relationship patterns are.


We’ll then use this information to begin outlining the key personal, professional, and social indicators you’d prefer in a partner. We have a list of 110 indicators to help develop this sketch of your ideal partner.


We’ll take the results from the Benchmarks phase and begin scouring our proprietary network of Affiliates and beyond to find your perfect match. Our entire team is involved in this search for the love of your life, interviewing each candidate personally to ensure they match your preferences.


We’ll bring our first selection from the screening process to you in a presentation that includes everything from personal details to photos and our observations. We’ll have a conversation about whether or not you’d like to pursue the match.


Now it’s time to go on a date. This isn’t just any date, however. 37% of our first dates end up being long-term successes.


We’ll speak with you and your match independently to evaluate how the date went. If necessary, we’ll work with the team to update preferences and start again with the screening process.

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Selective Search was heaven sent. The Selective Search team listened to me. They heard my horror stories and my fears of the future. They made sure I knew that they were on my side and would watch out for me. It is the joy of my life to say I met my girl. The one who wants from life what I want. Love, passion, trust, and fun. All life has—ups and downs. But the ups are higher, and downs not so bad when you are truly loved. I am, and I have Selective Search to thank for that.
— Jim, Connecticut
I have had experience with both Selective Search and one other major national search firm. I have found Selective Search to be far superior in several important aspects: the professionalism of their people, the thoroughness and sophistication of their processes, the very discrete manner with which they handle personal information, and of course, and most importantly, the degree to which they are able to identify and recommend only highly qualified candidates. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation!
— Jerry, Illinois

Frequently asked questions

What Is selective Search?

Founded in 2000, Selective Search is North America’s leading luxury matchmaking firm – with Clients and Affiliates throughout North America and abroad.

Why Do I need Selective Search?

A haphazard search for love through acquaintances, impersonal algorithms, and amateurs will likely be a waste of time and lead to settling. The perfect woman for you is out there, that’s not the question. The question is, “How soon would you like to meet her?” You should never compromise in your search for a partner. We’re here to make sure you find the absolute best match.

Is my search limited to individuals in your Affiliate Network?

Absolutely not. Our researchers conduct customized searches for every Client, looking at individuals who meet your criteria both in and outside of our network.

How is Selective Search different?

Our 87% success rate is the highest in the industry. 34% of clients find love on their first date. These extraordinary results are due to our incredible team, proprietary Meet Your Future® process, and exclusive Affiliate network. We only work with high-caliber, commitment-minded individuals and we believe firmly in the value of face-to-face communication. Our matches rely on sophisticated software and human expertise and intuition rather than serving up automatically generated matches. Meeting all of our Affiliates face to face prior to matching is our standard practice.

will you protect my privacy?

Our Clients and Affiliates lead busy professional and public lives. Privacy and discretion are of paramount importance, and confidentiality is a component of our contract terms. Click to read our Privacy Policy.

can you find me a match where I live?

Selective Search works with individuals across North America. Our Clients and Affiliates live in major metropolitan areas as well as more remote locales. We also work with individuals who live abroad, and are looking to meet someone based in North America. A lot of thought is put into pairing you with the right Matchmaker. Your Matchmaker will have a well cultivated knowledge base about the market(s) you are searching within. This includes awareness of geography, local sensibilities, current events, as well recommendations for restaurants and dates.

What do you share with me about my matches?

Your Matchmaker will present you with prospective matches that meet the preferences indicated within your Benchmarks for Success. These presentations will be sent by email and will include recent photo(s). Each presentation is custom tailored to your search. These presentations detail a potential match’s lifestyle, education, profession, interests, as well as religious and political affiliations. Our interviews and presentations will also cover the prospective match’s relationship history, detail their goals for a new relationship, as well as personal evaluations from your Matchmaker regarding their physical appearance, personality indicators, and how they present themselves. Our goal is to present a comprehensive profile about your match, allowing you to feel as though you’ve already met them.

Can I place a hold on my contract?

A defined hold period is available as an addendum to your contract. These hold periods must be used in increments of 30 days, and hold time may not exceed the time defined on your contract. This hold can be used at your discretion for any reason.

What happens if I meet someone, and I want to explore the relationship?

Selective Search offers a variety of convenient options that you may build into your contract. These options include a formal hold term that you may use at your discretion for exploring a new relationship. Our Clients find plenty of time allotted within the contract period to explore their dating options.

What is an Affiliate?

Affiliates are individuals who are part of our private network; our primary resource for introductions to our Clients. They are vetted, high-caliber, quality women who are ready for a long-term and committed relationship. Our Affiliate network is comprised of over 250,000 potential partners for our Clients, from across North America as well as internationally.

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