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Aligned Incentives

100% Confidential & Offline

Much like the process used by executive recruiters, our contract pricing varies based on the specific needs of each Client and consider the complexity of the search. A Vice President of the firm will work with you to determine the appropriate scope for your search.

Most dating apps and services are incentivized to keep their members paying ongoing fees. That is not the case at Selective Search. We work with Clients through a defined contract. Each contract is for a finite number of introductions over a defined period of time. Our Matchmakers are dedicated to finding you a partner as efficiently as possible so you can spend your life in a fulfilling relationship.

Our entire team is involved in making sure you are successful in finding love. Your Matchmakers and researchers will guide you through the entire offline, confidential process. Our team of seasoned professionals routinely work with busy, private individuals who value productivity, transparency, and results, and this is reflected in our process.

Our concierge-caliber approach has helped us achieve the highest success rate in the industry at 87%. In fact, 34% of our first introductions end up being long-term successes. As a Client of Selective Search, you can expect confidential professionalism at every step in the process.

Because of the custom and confidential nature of our contracts, we do not publish pricing information. Our past Clients will often echo the sentiment that cost is a function of results. And results, are what makes Selective Search the industry leader.

If you are not interested in a personal, customized search, but are a single individual interested in potentially being matched with one of our Clients, please join our complimentary Affiliate program.

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