I am far too busy to do online dating, and do not hang out at bars. I can admit that I’m extremely selective and not easy to please. I had lost faith in the dating process, but Selective Search was optimistic that we’d find “the love of my life!” Selective Search kept refining my search until I finally met Paul. Selective Search found that proverbial needle in a haystack for me! I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my life. How can I put a price on finding someone I may spend the rest of my life with? I would recommend Selective Search to anyone with the commitment to finding their last first date.
— Paul & Lisa, Montana
I can say without any reservation that my decision to use Selective Search was the best decision of my life. I met the most caring, genuine, honest, beautiful and talented woman. She was exactly what I was searching for. I would have NEVER met such a woman on my own! I am so fortunate to have Donna in my life, and can never thank Selective Search enough for making that happen.
— Bill & Donna, Alabama
I was initially drawn to Selective Search by their business model, which appeals to my analytical side. After all, it seemed that there were not many women that were compatible with me. It makes sense to work with a firm that casts its net broadly before applying sensitive filters. I discovered through my experience that Selective Search treated me with empathy, sensitivity, and used intuition in making matches throughout the process. It has been a very positive, and transformative experience.
— Bradford, Illinois
Deciding to work with Selective Search was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. They’ve taken my search very seriously and approach the engagement with the highest level of professionalism and discretion. My matchmaker is extremely attentive, proactive, and thoughtful with her suggestions; consistently putting me in a position to be successful. That’s all I could ever ask for.
— J.G., New York
Selective Search is no ordinary matchmaking service. The staff interviews potential clients and affiliates in a way that allows them to dig deep into each person and find compatible qualities. As an affiliate, it’s a huge leap of faith to put the outcome of your future into the hands of another person. With my matchmaker, I could not have been in better hands, she was always professional and sincere. I thought I knew what I was looking for, but my matchmaker knew better. When I met Jared there was compatibility on so many levels I never thought possible. I would say that our story could have been a one-time chance happening, but one of my closest friends had the exact same experience with Selective Search a little over a year ago. THANK YOU Selective Search!
— Donna & Jared, New Jersey
I have had experience with both Selective Search and one other major national search firm. I have found Selective Search to be far superior in several important aspects: the professionalism of their people, the thoroughness and sophistication of their processes, the very discrete manner with which they handle personal information, and of course, and most importantly, the degree to which they are able to identify and recommend only highly qualified candidates. I would recommend them to anyone without reservation!
— Jerry, Illinois

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