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Finding love is serious business. Of course you have questions. Here are the questions our Clients & Affiliates most frequently ask. Or by all means, call us at 866-592-1200.

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What is Selective Search?

Founded in 2000, Selective Search is North America’s leading luxury matchmaking firm – with Clients and Affiliates throughout North America and abroad. At 87%, Selective Search has the highest success rate in the industry; a product of the Company’s proven Meet Your Future process which combines sophisticated algorithms and executive recruiting methodologies with traditional matchmaking intuition. We own the largest proprietary network of over 250,000 quality Affiliates. Selective Search has accounted for over 1,500 marriages (and counting), 500 babies, and 3,902 happy committed couples.


As North America’s most trusted matchmaking firm, allow us connect you with the love of your life while you’re busy living your life.


Why do I need Selective Search?

Many successful individuals find that they have everything they could wish for in life, except for what matters most: the love of an extraordinary partner. Successful people like you work with countless industry experts in other aspects of your life: be it a personal trainer, financial advisor, or a lawyer. Selective Search believes that just because you are single, does not mean you have to compromise who you are looking for. Selective Search honors your preferences and does not judge them. We do not consider it “picky” to have preferences about age, religion, ethnicity, education, physical appearance, lifestyle, values, personality type, or whatever may be important to you. It is not a question of whether or not we can find “the one” – it is simply a matter of when you would you like to meet them.


What Is The Difference Between A Selective Search Client and Affiliate?

What is a “Client”?

Selective Search Clients are high-caliber, successful, and commitment-minded individuals who retain us in order to conduct a proactive search on their behalf. Our Clients do not need to be “fixed up” – they simply do not have the time or energy to spend on dates that do not have potential. All of our Clients are personally interviewed in-depth before becoming a member. A Client is paired directly with a personal Matchmaker – who proactively conducts multiple searches on their behalf.

What is an “Affiliate”?

Selective Search Affiliates are high-caliber, quality individuals who are ready for a long term and committed relationship. Our Affiliate network is comprised of over 250,000 individuals from across North America as well as internationally. Our Affiliates are dedicated to making their love life a priority. Our Affiliate program is always free – there are no hidden fees. You will never pay to be an Affiliate. Your profile will always be 100% confidential, 100% offline, & 100% customized – that is the Selective Search guarantee.


How is Selective Search different from its competition?

In one word, RESULTS.

As North America’s leading boutique matchmaking firm since 2000, we have the highest success rate in the industry at 87%. Additionally, 34% of our Clients find love with their first date, and 48% of them find love within four dates. Selective Search has a Better Business Bureau rating of an A+.

We developed and own exclusive rights to our proven Meet Your Future process, which combines executive recruiting methodologies with traditional matchmaking intuition. We have built an extensive proprietary network of over 250,000 Affiliates across North America and abroad. We only work with individuals who are high-caliber and commitment-minded. Unlike other companies, Selective Search believes in face-to-face communication as opposed to online communications. Our interview includes over 110 key personal, professional, and social indicators. That does not count the custom questions we incorporate after assessing each individual search. Our Clients and Affiliates work directly with our experienced Matchmakers. Our matches are not automated or generated by a computer. Meeting all of our Affiliates face to face prior to matching is our standard practice.


How will you protect my privacy?

Privacy is the foundation of our service. Our Clients and Affiliates lead busy professional and public lives. We place a premium on privacy and discretion. We guarantee that your personal information will never be shared outside the scope of the search. Rest assured, all of your information is 100% offline and confidential. Only Selective Search employees have access to your information and your consent is needed before sharing personal contact information with a potential match.

Privacy Statement: Selective Search prides itself on its discrete, confidential relationships with our Clients and Affiliates. All personal information you share is kept in strict confidence and is for Selective Search’s internal use only. We do not collect or store your personal identifiable information on our website. We do not rent, share, sell member database mailing lists, or share information about visitors to third parties. We do not enable cookies on our website.

If you would like to review our full privacy policy you can access it by visiting:


Do You Screen The Clients Who Join Selective Search?

We are equally as selective with our Clients as we are with our Affiliates. We do not simply just accept anyone as a Selective Search Client. Selective Search Matchmakers carefully screen and filter each individual that is accepted into our program. Selective Search’s Meet Your Future process methodology is proven and our success rate reflects that.

Selective Search prides itself on being the most safe and most thorough matchmaking firm in North America. All of our Clients are personally screened, interviewed and have undergone our Background Certification process. This certification is a thorough examination of our Client’s lifestyle and may include: personal home and office visits to verify authenticity as well as identity.


How Do I Join Selective Search?

Selective Search offers two ways to become a member: our fee-based Client program and our free Affiliate program. Regardless of which program you choose, we will always honor your privacy and preferences. Both programs are 100% custom, confidential, and offline.

Our Client program is a fee-based proactive custom search. Every search is unique and pricing is dependent on your search criteria. Please contact us today at 866-592-1200 or at You may also click “Get Started” to submit a search inquiry.

Our Affiliate program is always free, regardless of how many times you are matched. There are no hidden fees, and you will never pay to be a Selective Search Affiliate. You have nothing to lose, and the love of your life to gain! Click Get Started to confidentially register.


How Can I Join Selective Search as an Affiliate?

You can privately register with our free Affiliate program by visiting our website –  Once you get to our homepage, click the “Secure Login” button in the lower right hand corner.  The form is easy to complete and takes about 20 – 30 minutes. Your profile is 100% confidential and offline. Join today and you will be wondering why you did not do it sooner!


What markets are you in?

Selective Search works with individuals across North America. Our Clients and Affiliates live in major metropolitan areas as well as more remote locales. We also work with individuals who live abroad, and are looking to meet someone based in North America.

A lot of thought is put into pairing you with the right Matchmaker. Your Matchmaker will have a well cultivated knowledge base about the market(s) you are searching within. This includes awareness of geography, local sensibilities, current events, as well recommendations for restaurants and dates.


How many potential candidates do you have in my area?

Selective Search puts a priority on quality over quantity when it comes to introducing you to a match. Every search is unique, as are the preferences of your potential match. We are constantly working with new Affiliates every day, as well as updating their search preferences. Selective Search takes the time to get to know you and your search before taking you on as Client. Just like any other exclusive membership, we don’t take on every Client. We want to ensure that we understand the type of person you are looking to meet; allowing us to assess our Affiliate network as it pertains to you specifically. Selective Search not only draws from our private Affiliate network, but also through public relations efforts, direct marketing, customized advertising, Scout network and corporate partnerships. We would never take you on as a Client if we weren’t 100% confident in finding you the love of your life.


Do I Have To Submit A Photograph?

A Selective Search Affiliate profile is not complete without a photo. Any profile received without a photo will not be eligible for a match. A complete profile stores 10 photos. Ideal profile photos include a headshot and multiple full length shots. If you submit a group photo, please be specific about your position/attire in the photo. Profile photos do not have to be professional, but they should be within the past 6 months. Please avoid photos with hats or sunglasses. All uploaded photos must be in JPG format and the size must be less than 4 Megabytes (MB). Should you have difficulty uploading your photo(s), you can email them directly to and she can upload them to your profile for you.

If you do not have any recent photos stored on your computer, you can mail hard copies directly to our Headquarters: Selective Search LLC Attn: Jessica K., 35 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 1920, Chicago, IL. 60601. If you would like the photos returned to you, please ensure to include a pre-stamped return envelope.


Can I Speak To A Matchmaker Or Personal Recruiter Over The Phone To Ask Questions?

Please take the time to read through our FAQ’s and if you feel you still have questions, please email Jessica at and we’ll follow up with you.

If you posted your photo after you submitted your application, you will receive two confirmation emails. These emails serve as confirmation that we have indeed received your submissions. If you submitted your photo at the time of your application, you will receive just one confirmation email. If you have not received any confirmation emails, please feel free to contact us at

Receipt of these emails will confirm that Selective Search has received an application and photo. Active profiles are a part of Selective Search’s proprietary network that is accessed only by Selective Search Matchmakers & your Personal Recruiter®.


Why Hasn’t Someone From Selective Search Contacted Me Yet?

Upon submitting your Affiliate profile to Selective Search®, you should receive a confirmation email from us letting you know we have received your information and that you are now eligible to be matched with one of our high-caliber clients. Sometimes spam filters may intercept this email. You may have to check your junk or spam folder if you do not receive a confirmation. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us directly at with any questions you may have regarding your profile.

Selective Search Matchmakers strive for a genuine two-way match which fulfills not only the wants and needs of our Clients but also our Affiliates. Please trust that we always have your best interests in mind. We would never match you with someone who is not a fit for you.

While we may not have a match for you right away, we are working with new Clients each week, each month and in the future who may be just right for you. We are always working with new individuals, and updating search preferences for our current Clients. When we do identify a person who has potential, we will reach out to you.


Can I Update My Profile After I Register?

Yes, we encourage you to consider your profile to be a living document. Feel free to login and update a change of residence, profession, or if you would like to change your preferences in a match. We also encourage you to keep a recent photo on file with us as well.  Visit our homepage, and click “Secure Login” in the lower right hand corner.


What do you share with me about my matches? (Client)

Your Matchmaker will present you with Affiliates that meet the preferences indicated within your Benchmarks for Success. These presentations will be sent by email and will include recent photo(s). Each presentation is custom tailored to your search. These presentations detail a potential match’s lifestyle, education, profession, interests, as well as religious and political affiliations. Our interviews and presentations will also cover the Affiliate’s relationship history, detail their goals for a new relationship, as well as personal evaluations from your Matchmaker regarding their physical appearance, personality indicators, and how they present themselves. Our goal is to present a comprehensive profile about your match, allowing you to feel as though you’ve already met them.


What do you share with me about my matches? (Affiliates)

Your Matchmaker will present you with Clients that meet the preferences indicated within your initial profile and from any additional screening. These presentations will be sent by email and may include recent photo(s). Due to confidentiality, at the request of our Clients we may not be able to present a photo. These presentations detail a potential match’s lifestyle, education, profession, interests, as well as religious and political affiliations. Our interviews and presentations will also cover the Client’s relationship history, detail their goals for a new relationship, as well as personal evaluations from your Matchmaker regarding their physical appearance, personality indicators, and how they present themselves. Our goal is to present a comprehensive profile about your match, allowing you to feel as though you’ve already met them.


Can I place a hold on my contract?

A defined hold period is available as an addendum to your contract. These hold periods must be used in increments of 30 days, and hold time may not exceed the time defined on your contract. This hold can be used at your discretion for any reason.


What happens if I meet someone, and I want to explore the relationship?

Selective Search offers a variety of convenient options that you may build into your contract. These options include a formal hold term that you may use at your discretion for exploring a new relationship. Our Clients find plenty of time allotted within the contract period to explore their dating options.

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